Come Climb With Me

Come Climb With Me

I’m a National Park junkie, so if you ask me there’s nothing much better than spending a weekend strolling, hiking, climbing on and off the wilderness trails.


I get a chance to curl up in my favorite chair, and snuggle under my snuggliest blanket, and climb my way through a new writing craft. Ah, gotta be what they mean when they say “Heaven on Earth.”

While both, taking to the woods and craft books offer new views, exciting potential and awe, it’s only when I journey through the pages of writing-craft books that I am inspired to power up my prose and empower my stories.

So join me as I explore, discover, slip, slide, offer up Give It a Go Challenges on my climb through James Scott Bell’s The Last Fifty Pages

Can’t wait to hear about your experiences.

Mucho love,


P.S. Next up: Packing for the Climb

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