A Quick Look at Rhay

This is me, and I am a writer.

Most of my stories aren’t happy, clappy, find-your-prince-charming and bust-gut-giggle stories.

My stories are about girls, real girls, facing real struggles, and sometimes they laugh. Other times they cry. A lot of the times they make really poor choices. But every day when the dawn gets cracking and the alarm gets buzzing, they get themselves up. They get themselves dressed. They fight for something more, different better. My book that’s a real hero.

When I’m not a writer, I am a teacher.

On this part of my journey, I’ve traveled through rambunctious elementary classrooms and waded through crowded University lecture halls. My current adventure—at Lawson Writer’s Academy—allows me to combine my teaching and writing passions with my MFA in writing to offer incredible students guided tours through their journeys, their stories and their writing-craft exploration.

I’m lucky enough to call two places home.

I live in both in the small town of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and on the small island of Cyprus. With my partner, I hike, mountain bike, and feed a menagerie of feral kitties (Including: Penelope, who never leaves a lap empty). Guess you can tell I like small. I like quiet. I like the smell of growing things and the goats that wander by every afternoon. I like the rooster that crows at three am–no idea why–and putt putt putting around the Mediterranean in our Greek fishing boat (Relax)

Yes, I like the strange, the wacky, the wildly weird adventures, and I hope you like me.

My Top Five Faves