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Untitled Hey y’all, I’m so excited to share with you three-read editing, so sit back, relax and let’s dive deep.

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A Meandering Road

Ever gone on a trip? Sure you have. You’ve planned the route, booked the hotel, packed your bags, climbed in the car, on the plane, on the bus, or maybe you’ve taken a train. You’re eager, your ready. You want to get where you are going. But Somehow you get derailed.

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Make Stakes Matter Hey Everyone, If it is your first time here, welcome to my verandah. If you’ve visited a Grab-n-Go before, welcome back to my verandah. Either way, what you likely don’t know is this verandah is at my small village house up in the hills on the west side of the island of Cyprus. With…

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Acquaintance or Friend?

How well do you know your character? Hey Everyone, As writers we create characters, as people we create friends, but as we all know neither comes in a one-size-fits-all. There are folks we know from the bus stop, the water cooler, the break room, the gal at the supermarket. We know she has blond hair…

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It’s All About Chapters

Hey everyone, I get asked a lot about chapters. Could be because I teach a chapter course, or more likely, because outside of first chapters, there isn’t a lot of discussion about chapters. Either way, I get A LOT of questions, and chapters are such an exhaustive topic. There is no way I can answer…

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